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White christmas vs. Palm trees and sun

Who likes winter hands up! What? Not that many of you? Why? Oh I get it, because it is usually too cold to do anything fun. How about if you are in a place that is not that cold and snowy at all? Still a ‘NO’? Oh, come on people. You have to choose something.

Ok, let’s find a compromise. How about being in a place that is generally warm AND has another ‘world’ not that far away where the real white Christmas exists?

Yes, I think we all agree on this one. Well, let me introduce you to Nice in Southern France, as an amazing place for your city break, holidays and also for your Christmas celebration. And on the other side there are two amazing locations covered with the snow: Auron and Isola 2000.

Plan and book you ski trip with the reception at the Villa Saint Exupery Beach hostel. Pay 5 EUR and receive a voucher for a ski pass and equipment! The whole package (trip + skiing) will cost you around 57 EUR.

This sounds amazing, after a whole day at the mountains you can come back to Nice and go to the beach! For more information check out our website: www.villahostels.com.

Also don’t forget to check what is our New Years Eve party at the hostel at: https://facebook.com/events/1409960579240887

Stay tuned for more fun with Villa Saint Exupery in Nice!

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