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French Lessons in Nice

Brush up your French!

If you are interested in learning French while visiting Nice without spending a fortune and still having heaps of fun in the sun, the Villa Saint Exupery is the best choice for your holiday in Nice as we offer both, French lessons and accommodation for your stay.

Learn French in Nice

During your stay with us, an entire culture will be revealed. Discover famous architecture, amazing museums, typical French neighbourhoods and delicious French cuisine. Spend your week learning French and your weekends exploring the French Riviera!

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Travel and learn french while visiting Nice – Photo by Alejandro Escamilla

Our French teacher

We work with Ida and she offers French lessons for different levels at the Café Le Guitry at our Beach Hostel for 14€ per hour, 50€ for 4 hours and 98€ for unlimited hours per month.

For more info about these lessons please contact Ida!
Contact Ida: + 33 (0)6 72 39 59 15, [email protected], Twitter: @eFrenchCafe

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