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Best things to do in Eze Village

eze village on the top of the mountain

Discover the village of Eze

Situated 12 km away from Nice, the village is nestled on the heights, facing the Mediterranean sea on the cliffs between Nice and Monaco. If you want the best views and vistas of the Mediterranean, then Eze Village is the place to be! Eze is a medieval village perched on a hilltop 427m above sea level!

Eze, the most beautiful hilltop village on the French Riviera

Eze village, between sea and mountains

Eze village, between sea and mountains

Visit Eze Village

Eze is a beautifull village built on a hillside, with a part at the sea level Eze-sur-Mer, at the edge of the water with a pebble beach and the other part on the top of the hill, Eze Village. You can reached the two districts by road but also by a very popular hiking trail, the Nietzsche Trail.

Eze Village is a labyrinth of cobbled streets, very authentic, full of art galleries. The village of Eze is in the same style as Saint-Paul-de-Vence. With many small typical Provençal shops at your fingertips.

The village is more than 1500 years old. When you walk in its streets, you really feel that it has a soul. The atmosphere breathe Provence in what it has more typical: the sweetness of life and the taste of beautiful things.


The numerous small arts and crafts boutiques are hard to resist


What to do, what to see in Eze village?

Exotic Botanic garden

This botanical garden suspended above the Mediterranean is a must in the French Riviera. The botanic garden features over 2000 different types of cacti. succulents and rare vegetation surrounding the remains of an ancient chateau. It is also a sculpture park/garden.

It offers the most beautiful panorama on the Côte d’Azur. In addition to wandering in the heart of abundant vegetation suggesting sunny and distant countries, the visitor discovers an exceptional view more than 400 m above the sea. It’s fantastic!

eze exotic garden cactus sea view

Fabulous exotic garden with amazing sea views. Picture by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra


Old Eze Village

Small narrow streets with picturesque names, archways and amazing restored stone houses, shady squares that provides a little freshness, ancient fountains. You will be seduced by the beauty of Eze. 


Get lost in the paved streets of Eze


Take a drink and admire the view

There are several hotels in the heart of Eze Village with incredible views and romanticism atmosphere. We recommand the “Château de la Chèvre d’Or” whose garden is a gem and has a swimming pool facing the sea. It is worth taking a coffee stop at Chèvre d’or, the coffee is very expensive but you will have one of the best views on the coast and you will be sitting at the top hanging over a 3000 foot cliff. 

chateau chevre d'or vue de la terrasse sur la mer

Take a drink and enjoy the view


Chemin Nietzsche to Eze sur mer (beach)

From the Eze village, you can also reach “Eze-sur-mer” by taking the Friedrich Nietzsche path. The path of Nietzsche is presented as a medium level hiking trail, requiring an ascent of about 1h30 depending on the time you spend observing the landscape! Therefore good shoes are essential because the path is stony and can be slippery in case of rain.

It appears that here, under the olives and pine-trees, Nietzsche composed the last part of his work ” Thus Spoke Zarathustra “

Access to the hiking trail is right next to the entrance of the Château de la Chèvre d’Or, a magnificent 5-star hotel located at the gates of the village.

Once you arrive you get to Eze beach which is a large and beautiful beach. Because it is hidden from the road, this beach tends to be a lot quieter than other beaches. It is a good place to end  your walk with a swim and you can catch a bus back to Nice afterward.

hiking trail near the sea


Notre-Dame-de-l’assomption church

Right in the center of the beautiful village of Eze, the church sits proudly among the streets that converge on it! It is a church in the colors of the French Riviera, yellow sun and azure.

sky view from eze village and church


Galimard soap-factory & Fragonard perfume factory.

This perfume, soap and cosmetic factory is equipped with modern laboratories and workshops. Discover the secrets of perfume and cosmetics manufacturing with a free guided tour that end with a beautiful shop where you can buy high quality products.

The Fragonard factory is a magical place where the scents the welcome and friendliness of the staff are excellent and of course multilingual.

fragonard laboratory

Learn how different fragrance and oils are made


When to visit Eze what season do you have to go to Eze?

It is better to visit Eze during spring time. The mild temperatures will allow you to enjoy the altitude without worrying about the cold. Indeed, you will relax by losing a few degrees if it is already too hot by the sea. In addition, few tourists in Eze at this time of the year so less people on the road, in the car parks and in the shops and streets.


Travel Tip

-Take the Tram stop 'Massena' outside the hostel towards Hoptial Pasteur, all the way to the tram stop 'Vauban'

-At the Vauban Bus station, take bus' 82 or 112 going towards Eze, below you can find the bus schedules.

Typically the bus going to eze takes about 35-40 minutes.

Bus 112 Timetable

Bus 82 Timetable



Local guide tips
  • Visit the Exotic Botanic gardens in the village. There is a small entrance fee, but the views are well worth it.
  • Enjoy the tiny streets of Eze village
  • Make your way to the five star Chevre d’or hotel in the village and enjoy a drink on the terrace while admiring the stunning views.
  • For those who can’t resist the allure of the blue water below, walk hiking trail ( closed shoes required ) called the Chemin Neitzsche, which takes you down the side of the mountain to the beach!
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