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Best things to do in Entrevaux


Discover Entrevaux

Entrevaux is a medieval French city. It is a magnificent fortified village along by the river Var. It is a pleasant excursion to do while traveling in the region of Nice. 

french village on a mountain

How to get to Entrevaux

The easiest way to go to Entrevaux from Nice is by taking the train (SNCF). The journey takes approximately 90 minutes to arrive in the village who is situated in the north west of Nice. During the train ride to Entreveaux you’ll pass through mountain valleys and enjoy great views of the rugged Mediterranean countryside.

By car it is about 70km from the center of Nice by the “route de Grenoble”.

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Top things to do in Entrevaux

The Village

entrevaux fountain streets

Discover the cute village of Entrevaux – Photographie by Seb.F

Entrevaux is one of the prettiest villages in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Just walk through the streets of this superb village full of history, notice the narrow alleys and the high houses and image what it was to live here in the old days. 

During your walk, make sure to admire the “Porte d’Italie” who was a defensive work fortified by Vauban, the “Royal Gate” and his imposing drawbridge and all the medieval bungalows that are the evidence of the numerous shops that used to nestle within the walls.


The citadelle

The site built on a stone escarpment along a narrow rocky overhang is literally extraordinary. To arrive at the top, you will have to take a paved path for around 25 minutes up.

Located on the border between France and Duchy of Savoy (which became the kingdom of Italy), the key to mid-Provence, this fortress suffered the trials and tribulations of war: victories, defeats, sieges, occupations and the servitudes of being a garrison town from the 15th to the 19th century.

In order to entre the path up the Citadelle, you have to purchase a jeton/3euros and insert into a turnstyle.


The motorcycle museum

a lot of motorcycles in a museum

In the heart of the fortified village of Entrevaux, is one of the most original Museum of the old Moto, it is that of Michel and Franck LUCANI.

Original by the importance and the quality of the collection of motorbikes that you will discover. The tour takes place on two floors, there are motorbikes everywhere from floor to ceiling, the lightest being on rails two meters above the ground. There are also many posters and objects related to the old bike.


The cathedral

interior of the cathedral of entrevaux

The Entrevaux cathedral is a mix between gothic architecture and a baroque interior décor. The cathedral is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. This typical cathedral of the XVII century is perfectly maintained and located in the fortifications of this pleasant town of Entrevaux.

You will have to push the walnut door to discover the very colored and rich  interior. We invite you to penetrate inside to discover the beauty of the place. It is magical and magnificent.


For more informations, make sure to visit on Entrevaux website

Travel Tip

Take the Chemin de fer de Provence train.

Local guide tips
  • Make your way up the rocky zigzag defensive ramps to the citadel which is perched 156m above the village and enjoy the spectacular views in all directions before visiting the village.
  • Picnic in the village park next to the river.
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