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Cannes Film Festival on a budget

Cannes on a budget

The Cannes Film Festival is the most glamorous and famous of it’s kind. The downside is that it’s set behind closed doors so having official passes is the only way into the main hotel parties and screenings…Unless you can try your best and blag your way in.

It’s still a great time to be there so do not pack up your tuxedo just yet. The stars are all over town, paparazzi running around everywhere and everybody dresses up to be seen.

You’re bound to see someone famous, or someone might mistake you for somebody and want a photo, it’s happened before so milk it while you can!

The best way to see what’s happening is to explore and follow the crowds. The official website is updated daily once the festival begins. So be sure to check this each day to find out about red carpet appearances and any other goings on.

For food and drink the best places to go are along the promenade. Terraces and bars litter the city, but can be costly and none of the stars will drink their unless its an official afterparty. Check out Petit Majestic, a small bar, always busy and buzzing with people. It’s situated just behind The Grand Hotel.

The harbour is filled with luxury yachts. Walking around here will give you the best chance to spot somebody, or any impromptu photo shoots that happen during the festival.

Check out the schedule and find a good spot near the red carpet to the main theater to see the big stars on the red carpet and up the famous stairs of the ‘Palais des Festivals’.

One of the best and free events during the festival ison a budget, a huge outdoor film screen set on the beach at Plage Mace. Queue up for a seat or sit down on the sand to watch a film as the sun sets behind the screen over the mediterranean. On the programme are films ‘Out of Competition’, as well as Cannes Classics making a magical experience.

Keep checking back for more articles and schedules during the festival.

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