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Boat course Nice: coastal license in 3 days

Learn to navigate with confidence on the French Riviera

Discover the joys of driving a motor boat over 6hp, with the coastal license that allows you to go up to 6 nautical miles from a shelter.

Nautic Meeting Point: boats school in Nice

More than a school boat and a training center, Nautic Meeting Point is a nautical meeting place at the Port of Nice. After years spent at sea the instructors / trainers of Nautic Meeting Point wish to share their experiences and their expertise to people wishing to navigate while perfecting themselves in the marine environment.

Nautic Meeting Point is your ENF (French Navigation School) representative at the Port of Nice. In addition, the school has a great interest in the preservation of the nautical heritage by representing the association of “Maritime and Fluvial Heritage”

3 days course for boat coastal license in Nice

Nautic Meeting Point prepares you to pass the boat license in Nice in all serenity. Based in the port of Nice, they offer you the time of your training the Teck boat which will allow you an ideal learning in the best conditions. For training courses and navigation they can be flexibles and can arrange with you.

First day: theory

Topics covered during the theoretical training of the coastal license:

  • coastal marking, beach markings and pictograms
  • signals: sound signals, weather signals, distress signals,…
  • lights and daymarks of ships
  • the rules of navigation and safety 
  • the limitations of navigation
  • driving in restricted visibility
  • the equipment and safety of pleasure craft of the coastal category
  • regulations relating to the driving license of pleasure craft
  • the responsibility of the skipper and its legal consequences;
  • meteorology
  • initiation to reading a nautical chart
  • the global distress and safety at sea (SMSDM) system and the proper use of a VHF radio station
  • and much more 

Second day: navigation

2 hours of practice at sea for driving the boat

Third day: test

The tests can be passed every Monday (and Tuesday in the high season). The duration is about one hour. The test is a multiple choice exam (30 multiple choice questions, 5 misconducts accepted).

*The training and the exam are in French, and our trainers speak also English and Italian.


Price for the coastal boat license

You can get this coastal license for only 355 euros more 2 fees/tax stamps of €38 and €70 (they can be purchased on https://timbres.impots.gouv.fr/index.jsp)


boat course nice

How to register to the boat course  ?

It is very simple ! To register for boat licenses you will need to fill out a number of official documents.
Find the complete set of parts to provide on our ENF interface by clicking HERE

All documents needed for inscription:

  • copy of passport od ID CARD
  • one photo for ID/passport (no smile, no glasses)
  • 2 tax stamps (one €38 and one €70 you can buy them directly on https://timbres.impots.gouv.fr/index.jsp)
  • medical form signed by your general doctor (or practitioner ?)
  • contract filled with all information mentioned

Contract and medical form can be downloaded on https://nauticmeetingpoint.com/#Inscription

**All documents should be presented at LAST each Tuesday evening to access to official exam for next Monday.

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