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The 71st Monaco Grand Prix, 23-26th May

This the most prestigious race in the Formula 1 Calendar. The course is shorter than the standard Formula 1 race track and stands at only 3.34km in length. Furthermore, it is also one of the slowest races where the top speeds only reach 180mph. So, “why” I hear you ask is it the most distinguished event? Even though it is the shortest and slowest of tracks it is the one which requires precision driving and courage, as the smallest mistake could end with a fatal crash. It has been said that this race “separates the best from the rest”.

The Monaco circuit is unique amongst the Formula 1 race tracks as having been held on the same track each year with only minor alterations being made. The only other location which rivals this is the Italian Grand Prix Circuit.

Monaco Formula 1 2011

The events begin on the Thursday with practice sessions. Friday is a free day with two races to watch; The Porsche Supercup and The GP2 First Race, with Saturday and Sunday being the predominant Formula1 days (click here for a full schedule). The majority of tickets have sold out but it may still be possible to buy tickets on the door.

If you fancy visiting Monaco during this prestigious and exciting event the only way is by public transport as roads into the city are closed off for the track circuit for most of each day. The speediest way is by train and only takes around 20minutes and costs about €3.70 for a single. The trains run about every 30minutes check timetables here. If you fancy a more budget friendly option it only costs €1.50 for a single bus ticket to Monaco on the No.100 bus.

Monaco Grand Prix

If the actual racing is not exactly your thing but you fancy visiting this distinguished event, then visit towards the late afternoon. After the races the roads are re-opened at 7pm and you can partake in some super car spotting. Otherwise take a trip down towards the marina and stroll alongside the mega yachts. As the Grand Prix overlaps with the Cannes Film Festival some stars swap between the events, so keep your eyes peeled as you never know who you may bump into!

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